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    Wipro?has secured a contract from a US-based food distribution company to deploy its CoTrack solution to meet the demands of the changing workplace due to the current pandemic. This wearable solution will enable the customer to maintain social distancing within the distribution center by sending real-time alerts in case of any violation. The solution will also enable contact tracing

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    Carrier?launched the Healthy, Safe, Sustainable Cold Chain Program ? designed to help customers meet rapidly evolving supply chain demands and make their cold chain activities more effective. This new program focuses on a health-first cold chain in food & medicine security, safe vaccine distribution and connected cold chain.

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    REWE International, leading Austrian food retail and drugstore chain to expand its?Blue Yonder?footprint across key stores in Europe to automate space and floor planning.

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    Software AG will provide its Cumulocity IoT solution to Bega Cheese. The scope of the project will include a novel low-cost milk quality sensor enabled for IoT, an IoT ?live? Supply Chain Monitoring system for continuous real-time monitoring of milk supply chain. Software AG will also provide a Dynamic Pickup Scheduling and Monitoring tool that utilizes sensor data reporting milk supply change events to automatically maintain pickup schedules and pickup events. The aim is to reduce milk wastage and fuel consumption of its milk transport partners.

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    ProTrans?will offer its customers transportation modeling through Blue?Yonder?s modeling solution. Solution allows ProTrans customers to identify cost savings and customer service opportunities.

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    TCS?partners with?Coop Sweden?to drive an End-to-end Business Transformation Program. Over the next two years, TCS will closely collaborate with Coop to transform several key business areas across the retailer?s network, including finance, logistics and procurement; category management, pricing, campaigns, and store operations; and master data and analytics. TCS will redesign the business processes and help create a unified, real-time, process-centric view across Coop?s retail operations that will enable overall operational excellence, improved stock visibility, optimized stock levels, richer assortment of offerings, traceability, and better availability at local stores, driving a superior customer experience.

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    Ukraine-based electronics and home appliance retailer?Eldroado?successfully deploys?Blue Yonder?forecasting and replenishment solutions alongside partner?Ewave Mobile.

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    A.P. Moller ? Maersk?to acquire KGH Custom Service for $279 million. Custom clearance is becoming differentiation in logistics.

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    BMZ and?Continental?are making a rubber supply chain digitally traceable for the first time. Successful documentation of the entire supply chain from cultivation and further processing Indonesia to tire plant in Germany through a digital tracing system. It can prevent rubber from entering the supply chain from non-registered areas, e.g. illegally deforested areas.

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    Fujifilm Medical selects Kinaxis RapidResponse for agility in its medical system supply chain.

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    Alstom?has renewed the contract for the use of?Kinaxis?RapidResponse to gain visibility and agility for its train manufacturing supply chain planning activities. Alstom has rolled out the Kinaxis RapidResponse applications across 25 locations worldwide. With a renewed agreement, Alstom will expand its use of RapidResponse and concurrent planning to a further five locations.

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    L3Harris, one of the largest defense contractors in the world, has selected?Kinaxis?RapidResponse to support strategic and tactical decision-making across its supply chains. Kinaxis will help L3Harris enable collaboration with internal stakeholders as well as customers and suppliers on sales and operation trade-offs, engineering changes and supply chain disruptions ? all critical to meeting targets.

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    ?KODA?AUTO Logistics optimizes use of container space with help of artificial intelligence. AI app OPTIKON identifies the most efficient placement of different-sized pallets in freight containers for maximum loading capacity. This project makes the work of the employees in the parts warehouse easier whilst also lowering transport costs.

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    Volkswagen?Group is ensuring greater transparency and responsibility in its raw material supply chains for batteries. To that end, the company has entered a strategic partnership with RCS Global, an agency specializing in supply chain analysis. The focus is on auditing suppliers for conformance with human rights, safe working conditions and environmental protection along the supply chain all the way back to the mines.

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    KAMA TYRES?and?Siemens?are implementing a project to expand the logistics system at the Nizhnekamsk Truck Tyre Factory. MES system will be expanded.

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    Thyssenkrupp?and?Wilhelmsen?will collaborate on delivering maritime spare parts using 3D printing. Maritime fleets spend $13 billion USD per year on spare parts; with 50% of these vessels being older than 15 years, availability of parts are limited. This makes fulfillment of orders for maritime spare parts costly and complicated.

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    Samsung SDS is expanding its RPA and Intelligent automation solution Brity Works and will offer to other enterprises. Solution is on cloud and has API for enterprise applications ERP, SCM, MES, CRM.

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    FitzMark?offers near real-time pricing and freight capacity with Blue Yonder 3PL provide to expand digital marketplace capabilities with Blue Yonder?s dynamic price discovery solution.

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    RHI Magnesita?will develop India as its manufacturing, R&D, technical excellence and supply chain hub for the South Asia, West Asia and Africa markets. It will set up a regional R&D center at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. An integrated regional Commercial, Supply Chain Management and Market Intelligence center would be functional at Gurugram. Additionally a regional shared service center would be set up in India by next year.

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    Descartes?Systems Group announced that Germany?s SNOCKS, a lifestyle brand offering premium sneaker socks, clothes and accessories, has doubled its ecommerce fulfillment productivity and scaled for peak promotions using the Descartes Ecommerce Warehouse Management Solution (WMS).

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    Trimble?and?Totalmobile, a field service management software specialist, have been awarded a contract from civil engineering joint venture Eiffage Kier Ferrovial BAM (EKFB) to support its transportation and logistics operations on the HS2?the UK?s new low-carbon, high-speed rail project. Trimble and Totalmobile have developed an innovative vehicle management booking system and integrated inventory management system that will enable EKFB to monitor, manage and analyze the status and location of its subcontractors? vehicles and inventory in real-time.

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    Land O?Lakes?and?Microsoft?announced a multiyear strategic alliance to pioneer new innovations in agriculture and enhance the supply chain, expand sustainability practices for farmers and the food system, and close the rural broadband gap.

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    Capgemini?has signed a seven-year agreement with?Hexion?for a digital transformation of its global operations for procurement, finance and information technology.

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    California?s largest cannabis distributor and supply chain solutions company,?HERBL Solutions, is developing an end-to-end supply chain and fulfillment backbone with Blue Yonder?s Luminate Platform as its foundation. This digital fulfilment platform allows accurate inventory visibility, associated data transparency, and greater forecasting performance ensuring the right products get to the right places at the right times.

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    Enventure?has signed a contract with one of the large Eastern European Oil and Gas producers to optimize their overall MRO Inventory and boost asset performance and empower data-driven decision making. Enventure will Classify, Cleanse, and standardize the MRO material data based on the UNSPSC international standard.

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    Loadsmart, a leading digital freight technology company, announced a technical integration of its digital freight platform with?Blue Yonder. The integration allows joint transportation management customers to significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency by providing access to Loadsmart?s instantly bookable truckload rates and guaranteed capacity through Blue Yonder?s dynamic pricing discovery solution.

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    Kinaxis?and?Wipro?partner to digitally transform supply chains.

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    Kinaxis?establishes partnership with Pactera Consulting Japan.

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    Schneider Electric opens its First Smart Distribution Center in India. EcoStruxureTM deployed for end-to-end efficiency in industrial processes and sustainability in the logistics and warehousing environment. Expected energy savings of between 10 and 12% and a 5% improvement in logistics efficiency.

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    IBM?announced the launch of?IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower?to help companies manage inventory and build resilient supply chains more effectively. Many companies lack the end-to-end inventory visibility and intelligence needed to effectively predict disruptions, optimize decision-making and mitigate the business impact.?IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower?is enabled with AI and is designed to provide insights to see inventory wherever it is, identify and understand the impact of external events to predict disruptions, and take actions based on playbook recommendations to mitigate the upstream and downstream effects.?

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    KAMA TYRES?and?Siemens?are implementing a project to expand the logistics system at the Nizhnekamsk Truck Tyre Factory. MES system will be expanded.

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    KAMA TYRES?and?Siemens?are implementing a project to expand the logistics system at the Nizhnekamsk Truck Tyre Factory. MES system will be expanded.

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    Fiix, a Toronto-based asset management software provider, announced the launch of Fiix Foresight, the first and only AI engine for maintenance. The first solution is parts forecaster. Customers using the parts forecaster are seeing a 50% increase in parts forecasting accuracy and up to 40% reduction in stockouts. Additionally, some customers have seen a 50% reduction in working capital reserved for parts? a significant number for manufacturers who, on average, keep $3-5 million in MRO parts.

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    A Grman drug store,?Dm, opens a new distribution center in Wustermark, Germany with robotics and software from Swisslog, a?KUKA?company.

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    Blue Yonder acquires?Yantriks?to deliver dynamic commerce.

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    C.H. Robinson?and?Microsoft?are joining forces to digitally transform supply chains of the future by combining the power of C.H. Robinson?s Navisphere, Microsoft Azure and Azure IoT to meet the changing demands of evolving global supply chains. Through this alliance, the companies aim to enable real-time visibility for C.H. Robinson customers.

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    Chiesi Group?has selected?JAGGAER?to strategically expand its supplier management program across its 29 affiliates and into indirect and industrial supply categories. With the JAGGAER ONE Supplier Management solution, Chiesi maximizes control and visibility and streamlines the supplier classification and evaluation process by centralizing all supplier information and data. Chiesi has more than fifteen thousand suppliers globally and an annual expenditure turnover of around ?1.1 billion.


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