Manufacturing Engineering

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    Otis?China opened its new escalator factory, which meets Industry 4.0 standards. The manufacturing facility incorporates intelligent manufacturing and advanced automation including real-time quality management that enhance product quality and operational efficiency.

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    KUKA?was awarded the contract for the planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of ten robot stations for automated seam sealing and insulation application, including material supply. Several?Audi?models will be sealed and damped in a wide range of variants on this production line.

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    SEOJIN Industrial, which manufactures for Hyundai and Kia, among others, has placed a major order with KUKA: 185 KUKA robots, to be used in Korea for welding and handling tasks.

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    Umicore SA, a global major in the cathode materials sector that is based in Belgium, will invest $30 million to build its largest research and development center in Asia in South Korea?s Cheonan, South Chuncheong Province. It will be the largest in size ever built by the Belgian company in Asia.

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    Absolut?to trial 2000 paper based drink bottles.

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    Apple?starts manufacturing flagship iPhone 11 model at Chennai plant. Will it lead to price reduction?

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    HMD Global, the maker of Nokia-branded phones, is looking to make India its future export hub.

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    HP?expands PC manufacturing in India with Chennai facility.

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    Kadant, component manufacturer for process industry acquires industrial automation system integrator,?Cogent.

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    EDAG?is planning a massive extension of its Robert-Bosch-Stra?e site in Ingolstadt, Germany which is to be developed into another fully integrated EDAG engineering center. In addition to the comprehensive range of services it offers in vehicle and production plant development, Ingolstadt will also become one of the largest software and digitalisation hubs within the EDAG Group with 850 people.

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    CT Ingenieros?launches the ESCAPE R&D project together with its Spanish partner Industri, a manufacturer of automotive accessories. The objective is to design and develop an innovative system for a lightened and automated roof window for ventilation and rescue.

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    Bell Textron?announced the opening of the new Bell facility in Wichita, Kansas, where the company will support multiple Bell programs and business areas, including Engineering, Supply Chain, Professional Manufacturing and Corporate Services.

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    BAE Systems?is expanding its operations in Austin, Texas. The $150 million facility will include engineering, manufacturing, laboratory, and office space to primarily support U.S. Department of Defense customers. The work includes the design, development, and manufacturing of radio frequency and electro-optical/infrared countermeasure systems.

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    Japan?s?Kubota Tractor?starts manufacturing in India with MU4501 45 HP. Good for local manufacturing in India.

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    Alfa Laval?will use advanced digital twin technology when expanding capacity in the production of separators in Sweden. The technology supplied by?AFRY?will facilitate the operations development and reduce the time for ramp-up of the production substantially.

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    The EBZ Group, an automotive supplier in the field of car body assembly lines and tool construction, took over KOVOV?ROBA HOFFMANN based in Czech Republic. KOVOV?ROBA HOFFMANN with Euro 16 million turnover offers the manufacture of Prototype tooling and parts as well as the production of serial press tools & dies for the automotive industry.

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    Cyient?has entered into a manufacturing partnership with?Agappe?to bring to market Count X. The Mispa Count X is an indigenously designed and developed three-part hematology analyzer by Agappe, that will make India self-reliant in hematology and enable the setup of well-equipped labs in remote and rural locations across India.

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    Camera maker?Kodak?dives into drug manufacturing (API) with $765M federal loan. Kodak will repurpose existing facilities in New York and Minnesota to incorporate continuous manufacturing and advanced technology capabilities.

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    The new DLM factory in Hyderabad has been commissioned by?Cyient. This is one of the most advanced electronics manufacturing facilities in India, underpinned by the latest technologies in factory automation, Industry 4.0 and supply chain management.

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    ABB?sets new benchmark for automating cleanroom applications. New cleanroom version of the fast and compact IRB 1100 Robot offers improved flexibility and performance with high protection for sensitive industries.

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    ABB?opens robotic solution delivery facility in Bengaluru to support digital transformation of Indian manufacturing firms.

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    Australian EMS provider,?Elexon Electronics, has recently launched its new intelligent factory line in Brisbane. Reshoring in Australia.

Manufacturing Engineering

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