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    Military radios of the future.?Collins Aerospace?developing open architecture terminal for U.S. Air Force.

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    WM Motor, a Chinese EV firm is setting up an R&D center in Chengdu with investment of $786 million.

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    ZF?s Commercial Vehicle Control Systems division has invested around 18 million EUR expanding its commercial vehicle testing capability for trucks and buses in Jeversen, Germany. It will support the development of advanced technologies including lane departure systems, traffic jam assistants and highway pilots up to autonomous driving.

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    LTTS?was chosen as a strategic partner by an aerospace Tier1 major to support its legacy defense platforms. The scope of the engagement includes multiple upgrades and execution ownership.

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    Meggitt?has secured a contract with?MODEC?for the supply of Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHEs) to the Bacalhau Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel. MODEC?s Bacalhau vessel will be the largest FPSO ever delivered to Brazil with a topside designed to produce up to 220,000 barrels of crude oil per day. PCHE technology in gas compression and gas injection processes enables superior performance at a fraction of the size and weight of other heat exchanger solutions, providing increased efficiency, flexibility and lower operating costs.

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    LTTS?has been selected by an American life sciences company to provide digital assurance services for their connected care mobile application ecosystem.

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    Medtronic?to invest Rs 1200 crore to grow Hyderabad as its largest R&D center outside US. Currently Medtronic has 350 professionals in Hyderabad which it will scale to 1000.

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    Mindteck?announced a project win with a medical device and equipment company headquartered in the United States. The new client designs medical solutions and systems that help prevent the transmission of infection. The hardware reengineering project encompasses electronic and firmware design, as well as the modernization of a user interface.

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    Navistar?to open new R&D center focusing on electric trucks in Michigan. It will focus on design, engineering and analysis of all its electric vehicles and batteries.

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    Navistar?to open new R&D center focusing on electric trucks in Michigan. It will focus on design, engineering and analysis of all its electric vehicles and batteries.

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    LTTS?has been selected as a strategic partner for continuous integration tooling, build management and complex embedded systems verification for the next generation of electric vehicle electronic control units by a major OEM.

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    KPIT?opens a 700 people development center in Munich.

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    Grupo Antolin?has inaugurated a new Innovation Center in Shanghai (China) that will strengthen its R & D and technological development capabilities. The center has an advanced electronics laboratory and 100 people will work there.

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    General Motors?will be the first automaker to use an almost completely wireless battery management system, or wBMS, for production electric vehicles. This wireless system, developed with Analog Devices, Inc., will be a primary driver of GM?s ability to ultimately power many different types of electric vehicles from a common set of battery components.

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    Vitesco?Technologies, a?Continental?subsidiary delivers integrated electric axle drive to?Dongfeng, its first Chinese customer. R&D priority for electric drive for EV is increase in power density, reducing weight, size and cable complexity.

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    Tata Elxsi?opens Global Engineering Centre with?Schaeffler?in Pune.

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    Panasonic?has developed jointly with?Nissan?a high-performance intelligence electronic mirror for driver safety. It features significant image definition enhancement for better visibility at night and control of a flicker phenomenon caused by the LED lamps of vehicles behind.

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    Ford, Bedrock?and?Bosch?are launching a demonstration project with connected Ford Escape test vehicles that can drive and park themselves inside Bedrock?s Assembly Garage in Detroit using Bosch smart infrastructure. This is the first U.S. infrastructure-based solution for automated valet parking where the vehicle will park itself inside a parking garage.

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    Food box delivery service HelloFresh receives seven refrigerated?Mercedes-Benz?eVito. The battery-electric vans also open up locally emission-free solutions for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. The active cooling only requires a small additional battery battery load.

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    Ford?to install 750 charging points at Cologne factory premises.

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    Continental?to build driver info systems plant in Serbia?s Novi Sad. It will also expand its R&D center there.

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    Desay SV Automotive?is one step closer to becoming a Level-4 player in the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry, with the launch of its third-generation Intelligent Processing Unit (IPU-03). Powered by?NVIDIA?s Drive AGX?Xavier Platform, the IPU-03 will enable Xpeng Motors of China to achieve Level 3 autonomous driving capability in the company?s latest and future car model launches.

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    DENSO?has established the Pittsburgh Innovation Lab, a new U.S. R&D center that will conduct research to achieve Level-4 automated driving and develop the elemental technologies, including AI, to make it possible. In recent years, DENSO has established six advanced R&D centers in four countries (U.S., Israel, Canada, and Finland).

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    Bertrandt?has signed a cooperation agreement with?Bozzio?AG, one of the leading manufacturers of drive-by-wire systems. Drive-by-wire technology allows the movement of the steering wheel to be transmitted to an electric steering actuator without any mechanical connection, in other words without the need for a steering column. Steering is therefore possible without a steering wheel and can be performed, for example, by using a joystick, or even without any control elements at all as part of a fully automated driving system.

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    BMW?opens a new R&D Center FIZ Nord in Munich. All 2000+ drivetrain developers will work together under one roof at FIZ Nord. There are 100 test benches and 200 laboratories equipped with the very latest technology.

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    A leading US Tier I Supplier selected?KPIT?for multiple projects in AD-ADAS domain.

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    ABB?builds new $30 Million EV Charger plant in Italy.

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    ABB?is investing $10 million in a new global e-mobility headquarters and R&D center in Heertjeslaan,?Netherlands.

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    As the number of electronic components in vehicles is growing rapidly, also raising demand for capacities to test electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).?IAV?is responding to demand from the automotive industry with its own EMC Test Center in Heimsheim near Stuttgart. A Long-term cooperation has already been agreed with a German car manufacturer for EMC vehicle development and EMC tests for vehicles.

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    A leading German Car manufacturer selected?KPIT?for a project in ADAS area.

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    A leading German Car manufacturer selected?KPIT?for a project in electric powertrain area.

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    A Leading Automotive Tier I has selected?KPIT?as their strategic software for various vehicle programs globally for Autonomous Driving, ADAS and AUTOSAR domains. The engagement pans for 5 years and deal value is estimated at USD 60+ million.

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    A leading Asian car manufacturer selected?KPIT?for a project in the connected domain.

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    A leading Asian Tier I Supplier selected?KPIT?for a project in the electric powertrain area.

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    A leading industrial automation company has awarded?LTTS?a project for creating a low cost variant of their popular power drive and fast track its release to market.

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    The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has awarded?ESG?Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH with a contract for the delivery of ?systems for the detection, classification / identification of and defence against small Unmanned Aircraft Systems?. The scope of delivery includes container-based GUARDION systems for the early detection and effective defense against drones for field camp protection in the deployment and mission areas of the German Armed Forces and is primarily provided by ESG and its project partner?Hensoldt.

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    For the first time, it is now possible to equip traditional wristwatches with the contactless payment function. The Swiss company Winwatch integrates tiny security chips from?Infineon?for this purpose.

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    GIGAIPC, a GIGABYTE subsidiary, has introduced a 5G industrial embedded PC, called the QBiX-Pro-KBLB7100HD-A1. It is industry?s first 5G enabled embedded computing system.

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    Qualcomm?announced the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G Mobile Platform, a follow-on to the Snapdragon 730G. Snapdragon 732G is designed to deliver immersive gameplay backed by smarter, faster artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerated performance, including an upgraded GPU and CPU compared to the previous generation.

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    Samsung?has developed a control system for high-tech limb prostheses using the Galaxy Watch.

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    LG Electronics?is considering building a new R&D center in?Vietnam. In 2014, LG set up a plant in Haipong, northern Vietnam, which produces home appliances, smartphones and in-vehicle infotainment components.

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    Mindteck?has been awarded a high-value, full development project from a US-based semiconductor equipment manufacturing client which focuses on delivering next-generation semiconductor solutions. The scope of the project encompasses the design and development of a common cluster tool controller software framework for their new and existing products, as well as the development of control application for three of their existing tools. In total, there will be 33 modules to develop.

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    Mindteck?secured a project win with a new European client that provides advanced wafer processing technologies and solutions for the semiconductor and microelectronics industry. The ten-month project encompasses design and development of common process modules software for metal deposition technology.

Embedded. Design &Testing

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