Chemical & Material R&D

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    Indian Oil?and?Total?to jointly produce Bitumen derivatives.

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    Nestl??has inaugurated its new R&D Accelerator to drive innovation of sustainable dairy products and plant-based dairy alternatives. This is located at Nestl??s R&D centre in Konolfingen, Switzerland

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    Aggreko?has enlisted?Ricardo?to conduct independent testing of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and gas-to-liquid (GTL) ?engineered? fuel. In order to further guarantee sustainable solutions to customers, Aggreko also ensured all testing was carried out using its own generator fleet.

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    Whisky in paper bottle??Diageo?to launch?Johnnie Walker?whisky in paper bottles in 2021. Diageo and Pilot Lite to develop the paper bottle and collaborate on R&D.

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    FEV?is coordinating a collaborative ?Methanol Standard? project, which has been launched on August 1, 2020. The two-year project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The multi-sector consortium has set a target of exploring the technical bases for standardizing methanol fuels in Europe. Approximately 20 partners in science and industry are taking part in the project.

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    FEV?is providing fuel cell engineering service including development and design, construction, vehicle integration, commissioning, and calibration, testing of components and complete fuel cell systems. FEV operates six dedicated fuel cell test rigs at the ?Center for Mobile Propulsion? in Aachen, which can be used to test fuel cell systems. These test benches were developed completely in-house by FEV.

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    Toyota?and?Honda?will create a mobile power generation/output system, Moving e, that consists of a fuel cell bus that can carry a large amount of hydrogen, portable external power output devices and portable batteries, and will begin demonstration testing of the system?s ability to deliver electricity anytime and anywhere.

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    The?EDAG?Group and?Hexagon Purus?(a specialist in composite high-pressure tanks and systems for installation in vehicles of all kinds) are investigating how a hybrid storage system can be implemented that can combine the advantages of both drive alternatives. The research project, scheduled to run for 18 months, will develop a flexible storage system for the vehicle floor in which the latest generation of batteries and hydrogen pressure tanks can be installed in parallel.

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    Nissan?achieves breakthrough in carbon fiber parts production. Nissan aims to use the new process to mass-produce CFRP parts and introduce them in more cars for customers. The innovation can cut the lead time to develop such components by as much as half, and cycle time for molding by about 80%, compared with conventional methods.

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    Cargill?to open $21M Chocolate R&D Center, Pilot Plant in Belgium.

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    World?s first fuel cell semis and it is from?Hyundai.

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    UST Global, announced a strategic investment into?Tastry, a sensory sciences company that uses advanced chemistry, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to match consumers to products they will love. The technology introduced by Tastry matches the preferred flavors and combinations with its chemical analysis of products and swiftly identifies the flavors present in them. Considering this algorithm, it offers recommendations to the customers to which products to buy.

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    ITK Engineering?joined forces with?Bosch Research?to set up the Smart Textile Competence Center. Its mission is to investigate the wide range of opportunities by new combinations of textiles and electronic components, and to develop products for various applications. The scope of potential new developments ranges from fitness shirts with motion trackers and office chairs with integrated posture control to bed linen with sleep trackers and human-machine interaction in an industrial environment

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    Thales?is partnering with ADNOX A/S which has developed and patented a catalytic converter-based system, which uses normal diesel oil to convert the dangerous nitrogen compounds (NOx), which are formed in diesel engines, into water and nitrogen.

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    Tohoku University and?NEC?collaborate on a project to reduce the development costs, manufacturing costs, and development period of composite materials for next-generation aircraft by up to 50% when compared with conventional methods.

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    Evonik?develops membrane technology for separation of volatile organic compounds. has been optimized for specialty applications such as natural gas treatment, emission control in tank farms, and in the chemical and process industries.

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    Evonik?is acquiring the Porocel Group for US$210 million to accelerate the growth of its catalysts business. Based in Houston, Texas (USA), Porocel offers a technology for highly efficient rejuvenation of desulfurization catalysts, which are in increasing demand to produce low-sulfur fuel.

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    LG Group?has formed a research consortium with global partners including Total to discover high-performance materials with AI and robotics. The consortium will search for environment-friendly catalysts and advanced optical materials. The use of AI will significantly reduce the time of finding new materials with precise analysis of data compared with the traditional research method involving many tests.

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    HPCL?is developing three new labs at its R&D Centre in Bengaluru for research on petrochemicals, biofuels, batteries, hydrogen and solar energy.

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    NEC?in cooperation with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), announced the development of a system to automatically detect microplastics from seawater and sediment samples at high speed by using AI-based image recognition techniques.

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    United Phosphorus?(UPL) opens new R&D center in North Carolina. The center will focus on new developments in fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and crop establishment.

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    Semcon?has been engaged by?Powercell?to develop and deploy an entirely new robotic cell for testing new fuel cell production technology with the aim of making the fuel cells more efficient.?Semcon?will be using advanced vision technology to ensure that the assembly has the accuracy required and to assure the quality of the fuel cell after the assembly process. The robotic cell will also have full traceability through QR codes.

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    SWITZERLAND?S leading global food technology provider,?B?hler, and a world leader in flavors and fragrances,?Givaudan?are joining forces in a partnership to build a new innovation center in Singapore, which will be dedicated to plant- based food with a focus on Asian markets.

Chemical & Material R&D

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