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    QuEST Global?has enhanced its vision analytics and predictive maintenance solutions with Intel Edge Insights for Industrial. QuEST developed these deep learning solutions to help OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the industrial and semiconductor sectors to automate security and monitoring systems and manufacturing tools used for making semiconductor chips.

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    Toshiba?will spend $321 million on a new R&D complex in Japan geared toward artificial intelligence and security technologies.

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    LS ELECTRIC, one of South Korea?s biggest providers of electric power equipment and automation solutions, and?Nokia?have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on creating intelligent and analytics-based platforms to evaluate the performance of utility assets. This platform will allow LS ELECTRIC?s customers to proactively manage mission-critical asset performance by identifying root causes and adapting to changing conditions in order to better maintain or replace assets quickly and efficiently.

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    Vollmer?has launched Visual Support service.It is based on the?Oculavis?SHARE service solution and can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or smart glasses.

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    The Brazilian motors and controls manufacturer?WEG, a $3 billion firm, is acquiring a controlling stake (51%) in?Mvisia, a Brazilian start-up that specializes in applying AI and computer vision systems for Industry 4.0

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    TietoEVRY?and?Yazzoom?partnership promotes the use of Artificial Intelligence in the pulp, paper and fibre industry. Data analysis in mills has a long history, but new technologies are making the next level possible through AI and machine learning.

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    Sibur?(Moscow, Russia) &?G-Core Labs?(Luxembourg) have launched a universal augmented reality (AR) service for the remote maintenance and repair of industrial equipment. It is easy to use platform which can digitize maintenance process, videos can work on any device and browser and fully voice controlled. There is scope for more simplification and standardization and offering this as-a-service to larger customer base.

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    Quartic.Ai?partners with?Sparta Systems?to bring forward next-level AI capabilities for early risk detection during the manufacturing process. The solutions will acquire production equipment data during development to create and train algorithms that detect product and process anomalies and identify performance ?drift? before nonconforming product is manufactured.

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    Intive?joins forces with the?NETZSCH Group. The two companies will work on automating and optimizing the quality assurance of manufacturing processes at NETZSCH customers? production facilities. intive engineers are responsible for building a state-of-the-art cloud environment that will form the foundation of a new AI-enhanced quality control system.

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    Industrial-grade VR company?Varjo?picks up $54M in Series C funding. Its client include Volvo Cars, AUDI AG, Boeing, & Siemens

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    Fiix, a Toronto-based asset management software provider, announced the launch of Fiix Foresight, the first and only AI engine for maintenance. The first solution is parts forecaster. Customers using the parts forecaster are seeing a 50% increase in parts forecasting accuracy and up to 40% reduction in stockouts. Additionally, some customers have seen a 50% reduction in working capital reserved for parts? a significant number for manufacturers who, on average, keep $3-5 million in MRO parts.

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    An oil field services company has awarded?LTTS?a contract to setup a software development Center of Excellence (CoE) in Bangalore. The CoE shall focus on data analytics platform development and validation and testing services for upstream applications.

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    NEC?in cooperation with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), announced the development of a system to automatically detect microplastics from seawater and sediment samples at high speed by using AI-based image recognition techniques.

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    LG Group?has formed a research consortium with global partners including Total to discover high-performance materials with AI and robotics. The consortium will search for environment-friendly catalysts and advanced optical materials. The use of AI will significantly reduce the time of finding new materials with precise analysis of data compared with the traditional research method involving many tests.

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    Aspire?Systems launches Robotic Arm 2.0 iPOT to help retailers with rapid POS Testing.

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    Autodesk?to acquire AI-Powered construction software provider Pype.

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    Sony?invests $250 million in Fortnite creator Epic Games.

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    The?Open?uses?NTT DATA?s AI and video technology to create a virtual Championship of golfing greats from across the decades.

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    INVIDI?Technologies and?Tata Elxsi?today announced an expansion of their relationship to bring addressable television capabilities to pay TV operators in India, Asia-Pacific and MEA.

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    Israeli data warehousing firm SQream wins $20 million deal from a telco to provide better quality of service. SQream specializes in database for higher workloads for telcos and uses Nvidia GPUs.

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    AWS?announced the general availability of Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS), a new fully managed service that makes it easy to set up live, interactive video streams for a web or mobile application in just a few minutes. Amazon IVS uses the same technology that powers Twitch, one of the most popular live streaming services in the world.

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    Chetu?delivered an optimized data conversion application to?JUMP?Data-Driven Video, a leading business data management platform for the video industry, to enhance the toolkit?s performance and offer users greater insights into KPI analytics.

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    Huddl.Ai?wants to bring more intelligence to online meetings. Adding intelligence to virtual meetings. Automating summary of meeting with three sections: Agenda, Key Points, Action Items. Automating intern or EA work is a great business opportunity.

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    Image editing software developer?Capture One?to set up R&D hub in?Athens.

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    More features in video chat.?Facebook?will let Messenger Rooms broadcast via Live.

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    Maurices?partners with TCS to build greenfield IT ecosystem for its growth and transformation. TCS will help maurices build a brand-new data analytics platform with extensive reporting features. The project will also involve a refreshed, upgraded ecommerce platform that will facilitate quicker business decisions and faster go-to-market responses to industry or fashion trends.

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    Maurices?partners with TCS to build greenfield IT ecosystem for its growth and transformation. TCS will help maurices build a brand-new data analytics platform with extensive reporting features. The project will also involve a refreshed, upgraded ecommerce platform that will facilitate quicker business decisions and faster go-to-market responses to industry or fashion trends.

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    NEC?and?Realeyes?will jointly develop and distribute emotion analysis solutions globally. The use case include predictive analytics and live measurement of attention and emotion response within streaming and mobile applications.

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    Google?research let?s sign language switch active speaker in video calls. Good to see accessibility engineering getting attention!

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    Wipro?has won a digital engagement with a European health system to build and accelerate AI-powered applications and services, helping improve healthcare access and treatment for its patients.

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    Chugai Pharmaceutical?and?NTT DATA?have conducted a demonstration test of a solution for improving the efficiency of clinical trial-related document preparation using AI technology.

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    ZF?s Commercial Vehicle Control Systems division has invested around 18 million EUR expanding its commercial vehicle testing capability for trucks and buses in Jeversen, Germany. It will support the development of advanced technologies including lane departure systems, traffic jam assistants and highway pilots up to autonomous driving.

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    Microsoft?is launching a new flight simulator with beautiful imagery of planes, cities. It is developed in collaboration with Asobo studio. Simulator is using Microsoft?s AI tech in Azure to automatically generate much of the scenery based on Microsoft?s Bing Maps data.

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    NEC?and its partner,?Infrared Cameras, were selected by the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) to provide thermal temperature screening and facial recognition technology at Hawaii?s public airports to help protect the community and identify passengers with a potentially elevated body temperature.

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    ProMare?and?IBM?announced the completion and launch of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) ? an AI and solar powered marine research vessel which will traverse oceans gathering vital environmental data.

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    Rolls-Royce?launches Virtual Reality Maintenance Training Software for US Air Force C-130J engines. The new VR system will allow engine maintainers to learn and practice their skills in an immersive visual environment, increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

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    ?KODA?AUTO Logistics optimizes use of container space with help of artificial intelligence. AI app OPTIKON identifies the most efficient placement of different-sized pallets in freight containers for maximum loading capacity. This project makes the work of the employees in the parts warehouse easier whilst also lowering transport costs.

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    The?BMW?Group is releasing another software package that makes light work of creating artificial intelligence (AI) applications for object recognition. The BMW Labeling Tool Lite allows for users to easily label objects in photos, an offline solution used in production to quickly create AI apps that reliably identify objects in photos.

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    TietoEVRY?and?Qentinel?collaborate on Adaptive AUTOSAR test automation.

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    Desay SV Automotive?is one step closer to becoming a Level-4 player in the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry, with the launch of its third-generation Intelligent Processing Unit (IPU-03). Powered by?NVIDIA?s Drive AGX?Xavier Platform, the IPU-03 will enable Xpeng Motors of China to achieve Level 3 autonomous driving capability in the company?s latest and future car model launches.

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    Continental?has installed the fastest supercomputer in automotive industry for developing AI use cases. The new supercomputer consists of more than 50 networked ?NVIDIA DGX? units. Also, about 20,000 of its 51,000 engineers are software experts. It also has 900 AI experts.

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    Daimler Mobility?registers a significant increase in customer interaction via its online financing and leasing channels. Increase in e-contracting and use of virtual assistants.

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    DENSO?has established the Pittsburgh Innovation Lab, a new U.S. R&D center that will conduct research to achieve Level-4 automated driving and develop the elemental technologies, including AI, to make it possible. In recent years, DENSO has established six advanced R&D centers in four countries (U.S., Israel, Canada, and Finland).

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    Ford, Bedrock?and?Bosch?are launching a demonstration project with connected Ford Escape test vehicles that can drive and park themselves inside Bedrock?s Assembly Garage in Detroit using Bosch smart infrastructure. This is the first U.S. infrastructure-based solution for automated valet parking where the vehicle will park itself inside a parking garage.

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    A Leading Automotive Tier I has selected?KPIT?as their strategic software for various vehicle programs globally for Autonomous Driving, ADAS and AUTOSAR domains. The engagement pans for 5 years and deal value is estimated at USD 60+ million.

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    A leading German Car manufacturer selected?KPIT?for a project in ADAS area.

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    A leading US Tier I Supplier selected?KPIT?for multiple projects in AD-ADAS domain.

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    BMW Group?is using a new augmented reality (AR) application in vehicle concept and prototype engineering, speeding up the process by as much as twelve months, from individual vehicle sections through to complex production stages.

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    NEC?and?Lawson?begin Proof of Concept of store using digital technologies in Indonesia. In this PoC, NEC?s systems and knowledge of store operations, such as visual analysis technology and sensing technology, will be used to visualize store operations, customer purchasing trends, and the power consumption of store equipment.

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    Maurices?partners with TCS to build greenfield IT ecosystem for its growth and transformation. TCS will help maurices build a brand-new data analytics platform with extensive reporting features. The project will also involve a refreshed, upgraded ecommerce platform that will facilitate quicker business decisions and faster go-to-market responses to industry or fashion trends.

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    Google Cloud and Unilever will collaborate on the first commercial application of Google Cloud and Google Earth Engine for sustainable commodity sourcing. By combining the power of cloud computing with satellite imagery and AI, the two companies are building a more holistic view of the forests, water cycles, and biodiversity that intersect Unilever?s supply chain?raising sustainable sourcing standards for suppliers

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    GE Aviation?and?Cathay Pacific Group?have signed a five-year agreement to implement GE?s Event Measurement System (EMS) for flight analytics and the FlightPulse pilot app.

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    A chemical manufacturing company has engaged?LTTS?to work on its ?Global Digital Transformation? program and leverage analytics and data sciences services across key business functions and roll the services globally.

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    Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) selected?GE Aviation?for a comprehensive digital agreement including FlightPulse and eFOQA. The program gives ATSG subsidiary airlines ABX Air, Air Transport International, and Omni Air International access to advanced analytics with enriched data sets that will ultimately drive greater understanding of flight trends. This program implementation includes the Boeing 777, 767, and 757 aircraft.

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    BAE Systems?acquires?Techmodal, a UK-based data consultancy and digital services company focusing on Defense sector. It is offering Data Integration Platform (DIP), a collaborative system that provides the ability to view, manage and exploit data provided by multiple systems on the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, allowing the efficient management of these highly complex modern warships.

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