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    Google Cloud and Unilever will collaborate on the first commercial application of Google Cloud and Google Earth Engine for sustainable commodity sourcing. By combining the power of cloud computing with satellite imagery and AI, the two companies are building a more holistic view of the forests, water cycles, and biodiversity that intersect Unilever?s supply chain?raising sustainable sourcing standards for suppliers

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    Google Cloud?helps power more personalized experience for?Procter & Gamble?consumers.

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    Google Cloud?implements multi-year digital transformation initiative with?Keurig Dr Pepper. The $11 billion beverage giant selects Google Cloud to migrate on-premise data workloads to the cloud, driving operational efficiencies and IT infrastructure scalability

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    Google?Cloud partners with Best Buy to deliver improved customer experience.

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    PepsiCo?and?Microsoft?announced a five-year partnership that establishes Microsoft as a preferred cloud provider.

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    Virtusa?announced the successful completion of a Google cloud migration that reduced expenses by 20% for Oway Group, a leading Myanmar-based travel and ride-hailing startup.

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    Arcelik, a leading global manufacturer of household appliances selects?AWS?as preferred cloud provider for machine learning, analytics, IoT to increase efficiency and innovate new services.

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    Daimler?will implement an intelligent cloud solution and migrate its global after-sales portal to the?IBM?public cloud. The global after-sales portal is key for Daimler?s market activities, supporting workshop processes and the company was looking for a new technical platform to improve agility and scalability, while maintaining a high level of security.

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    Groupe?Renault?has developed the XCEED (eXtended Compliance End-to-End Distributed) blockchain project to certify the compliance of all vehicle components, from design to production. It is based on ?Hyperledger Fabric? blockchain technology and deployed in collaboration with?IBM?along with automotive industry partners?(Continental, Faurecia, Plastic Omnium And Saint-Gobain). Testing at Renault?s Douai plant was with over one million documents archived and a speed of 500 transactions per second.

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    Google Cloud?wins?Groupe Renault?cloud deal.

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    Nissan?moves to?Oracle?Cloud Infrastructure for High-Performance Computing. I plans to migrate computational fluid dynamics, structural mechanics simulation, and 3D visualization to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to bring new cars to market faster. Will more auto enterprises move simulation workload to cloud?

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    3Pillar?is helping?NS8, one of the country?s fastest growing fraud prevention platforms in cybersecurity and evolution of the platform.

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    Accenture?announces $3 Billion investment in cloud in next three years. It says currently 20% work loads are in cloud and in next five years it will be 80%. Accenture wants to accelerate this transition with industry specific solutions with partners, automation and sustainability.

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    Box?will leverage?Google Cloud?as a key infrastructure and storage provider globally, and the companies will deeply integrate Box and G Suite to help businesses seamlessly and securely work across both environments.

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    Gigamon?plans to set up its fourth global R&D hub in Ottawa. Gigamon currently operates research facilities in California, Seattle and Chennai. Ottawa will likely become the focal point of Gigamon?s future SaaS R&D efforts.

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    HCL?announced the opening of its first European Cybersecurity Fusion Center (CSFC) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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    Telef?nica?has ventured into the cybersecurity training market by buying iHackLabs.

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    Orange?and?Google Cloud?announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the transformation of Orange?s IT infrastructure and the development of future cloud services, in particular edge computing. The collaboration will also pave the way for the development of new advanced cloud, edge computing and cybersecurity services that will open up business opportunities for both Google Cloud and Orange.

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    TCS?is chosen by a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications giant, as their strategic blockchain partner for ideation and platform selection, operating model definition and coming up with a plan for scaling blockchain implementations across the organization.

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    Universal?Filmed Entertainment Group and?Microsoft Azure?announce partnership to accelerate live-action and animation productions. Companies will bring together cloud and production expertise to create production asset platform for Universal and DreamWorks Animation films.

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    Verizon?pilots?Google?Cloud Contact Center Artificial Intelligence to deliver more intuitive customer support through natural-language recognition, faster processing, and real-time customer service agent assistance.

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    Atos?announces a multi-year partnership with?Total?to explore new and more effective pathways to a decarbonized, energy-efficient future using quantum technologies. This partnership aims to use quantum calculation to identify new materials and molecules that will accelerate society?s journey to carbon neutrality.

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    1850?Coffee Brand and?Farmer Connect?to bring coffee lovers and producers closer together using?IBM?blockchain technology.

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    Bp?and?Microsoft?form strategic partnership to drive digital energy innovation and advance net zero goals. Microsoft to further bp?s digital transformation with Azure cloud services ?while bp to supply Microsoft with renewable energy to help meet the company?s 2025 ?renewable energy goals.

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    Halliburton, Microsoft?and?Accenture?have entered into a five-year strategic agreement to advance Halliburton?s digital capabilities in Microsoft Azure. Under the agreement, Halliburton will complete its move to cloud-based digital platforms.

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    Infor?expands cloud-based construction solution to support industry?s push into property management.

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    LTTS?has launched its latest and enhanced version of the i-BEMS solution on Microsoft Azure to transform buildings into future-ready smart campuses.

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    RIDDLE&CODE?and?S1Seven?are partnering to address traceability within the complex and fragmented metal industry. They are building a blockchain-based notarisation service for metal certificates that provide a product with a digital, tamper-proof identity and trace each step of its journey: from raw material to final application. The service allows manufacturers to replace hard copy documents with immutably stored digital records.

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    Trimble announces new collaboration platform integrations with Microsoft 365 and BIMcollab.

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    Schlumberger, IBM and Red Hat announce major Hybrid Cloud collaboration for the energy industry.

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    Shell?and?Microsoft?form alliance to help address carbon emissions. Shell will supply renewable energy to Microsoft. Microsoft will supply its cloud, AI and other digital solutions to Shell and also work with Shell to develop sustainable solutions for Shell?s supply chain.

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    Wipro?announced the successful implementation of a blockchain-based small-scale liquefied natural gas (ssLNG) trading/fulfillment platform for Uniper SE, a leading international energy company headquartered in Germany. The platform built in collaboration with Uniper utilizes a consortium model for all ssLNG market participants to help transform the trading market space resulting in market efficiencies and significant cost savings for traders.

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    Intive?joins forces with the?NETZSCH Group. The two companies will work on automating and optimizing the quality assurance of manufacturing processes at NETZSCH customers? production facilities. intive engineers are responsible for building a state-of-the-art cloud environment that will form the foundation of a new AI-enhanced quality control system.

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    Rockwell Automation?has acquired OYLO Trust Engineering, an industrial cybersecurity services provider based in Spain.

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    Spanish National Center for Biotechnology uses?Atos?supercomputing expertise to find out how Covid-19 virus initiates infection

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    Allscripts?and?Microsoft?extend strategic alliance to transform cloud-based health IT solutions.

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    AWS?powers?Moderna?s Digital Biotechnology Platform to develop new class of vaccines and therapeutics.

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    Toshiba?will spend $321 million on a new R&D complex in Japan geared toward artificial intelligence and security technologies.

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    Software AG?and the?ifm Group?have announced a partnership that will focus on cloud-based visualization and analysis of sensor data from industrial systems and machinery. The ifm edge portfolio consists of hardware as well as software sensor data that will offer connectivity to the Cumulocity IoT Cloud for basically any machine, system or device. The solution will also prepare data for further use. As part of the collaboration, both partners will also supply joint customers with direct plug-and-play solution packages including cloud-based services (SaaS) for the Internet of Things.

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    11 companies join?Volkswagen?and?AWS?Industrial Cloud. ABB, ASCon Systems, Celonis, D?rr, Grob-Werke, NavVis, Synaos, Teradata and Wago, and consulting firms BearingPoint and MHP.

Advanced IT ? Cybersecurity, Cloud, Blockchain

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